Saturday, 13 August 2011

When all is gloomy do not fear, instead turn to your favourite foods for comfort

Well what a crazy week it’s been... we’ve had violent riots and looting across the UK, debt crisis in America and the halting of the French economy.
The weather has been miserable here in the North West of England, as I’m sure it has across the country, making a lot of people quite frankly rather glum.
And when it’s dark and gloomy, one of the nicest comforts we have is food... whether it be a hearty Sunday supper with the family, a box of choccies on the sofa or a naughty McDonalds, nothing beats a good old tingle of the taste-buds to lift our spirits. (Failing that, a few gin and tonics usually do the trick!)
I have to confess, I’ve barely cooked this week due to busy week at work and getting home feeling shattered. Plus, when my other half cooks up a Thai green chicken curry from scratch one night then a classic spaghetti bolognese the next, why bother?
Probably the tastiest thing I’ve had this week (Paul’s dishes aside) was a fresh Pea and Mint soup from Marks and Spencers, with chunks of my homemade soda bread and butter dunked in. It was think and creamy with a rich flavour but not too heavy, and jam-packed with tender sweet peas, making it the perfect lunchtime meal and a healthy option too.
In fact, it inspired me to think about trying some new soup ideas, particularly as the weather is getting cooler.
On Simon Hopkinson’s The Good Cook last night on BBC1 (which was filmed in Bury, Lancashire, just 15 minutes from my hometown), the writer and restaurateur made a potato soup. It sounded a little bland to be honest, but reminded me of my favourite soup, leek and potato.
I’ve yet to attempt to make a version myself, but I will endeavour to do so, just as soon as I can find a spare hour! And of course, I will report back!

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  1. Yes some soup recipes would be fab. Weather great at the min but winter will soon be on the way! Sorry but its true! I've only done keel and potato which is lovely but I need to expand my repertoire! X